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Links to some of my friends in the entertainment industry:

The Wild Wild West Show Wild Bill Cathey, Larry Buchanan, Rope Tricks, Bull Whip Exhibitions, Cowboy Ballads, A Fun Show!

Sagebrush Productions Biographical and booking information about yours truly. Also pictures from the movie set of "Young Guns" and a Larry Buchanan discography.

Chek Rippee & The Road Runners
Country and Western band. These guys are hot! They play a lot of top 40 Country Music and are on the way UP!

Music Message, Inc.
These folks have their own "Branson" type show complete with music, commediene, and world champion yodeling! Great folks to work with!

La Queenie's Kingdom
New Mexico folk music, class, and charm. Info about the Quintana Sisters as well as some great New Mexico links!

Rozz Well and the Aliens Eclectic New Mexico band. What can I say that the name doesn't? Check 'em out!

Grains Of Paradise---Check out my friend Rodney---New Mexico songwriter and great guy! Sound clips, links, the whole enchilada!

Mugsy's Homepage A dog's tale if I've ever heard one!

Links to some of my friends that I have met on the WWW:

Kathleen B's Home Page A great lady. She and I share the same birthday but she is much better looking! Great links to other sites on the web especially in education!

Sierrasue's Home Page Likes skiing and interneting! Has great information and links to help you build your own home page!

Roosevelt County New Mexico Genealogy Web Great site by my friend Joyce. If you are into genealogy check here. Links to sources worldwide.

Links that I have found useful in building, maintaining, and promoting homepages:

Image-O-Rama All kinds of graphics to download and use in other applications.

The Internet Link Exchange A neat advertising site to help you bring visitors to your web page.

Tripod These are the folks who supplied me with a place for my homepage---FREE! Check with them and get your own free homepage.

ADDURL After you have created your FREE homepage, you can submit it to these folks and get it listed on the various search engines. FREE!

Click on the icon and you can see a customized, detailed map as well as written instructions on how to get from one geographic location to another. Great for finding the location of shows!

Links to Southwestern history and Billy The Kid sites:

New Mexico Books Eastern New Mexico History books written and edited by Don McAlavy and Harold Kilmer. Great genealogy resources and early settler information. Buy direct from the authors!

The Billy The Kid Outlaw Gang A really great New Mexico history organization dedicated to preserving the history of Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid. Join up and get a really neat license plate!

Hico Texas Home Page Info about the city of Hico, Texas and one of its more notorious citizens--"Brushy Bill" Roberts. He thought he was Billy The Kid!

Billy The Kid Transcript of a WPA document of an interview with one of Billy's contemporaries. Interesting narrative.

Billy The Kid and Me My association with Billy the Kid history, groups, events, movies, and people. Lots of pictures.

Lincoln County Heritage Trust Information about Billy The Kid and the historic sites, museums, and shops in the town of Lincoln, New Mexico.

Scribe's Tribute to Billy The Kid A really great history site about Billy The Kid. Links to WPA interviews of Billy's contemporaries and other Billy The Kid organizations!

Links to New Mexico sites:

Tino Romero's Bottle Page New Mexico bottle collector. Great pictures of historic bottles manufactured in New Mexico and collected by Tino. Links to other bottle collectors and bottle information!

Roswell New Mexico's Home Page Lots of info about Roswell and the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Roswell UFO crash coming up this summer!

The Free New Mexico Classified Guestbook Find some unique bargains from The Land Of Enchantment!

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